Manual Successful Actors: Working Actors Share Crucial Insights and Valuable Lessons Learned Along the Way

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Too many actually. And some of them were not very good. These second and third films were not doing well and they were not really good films. I could see my career ending. And I was so unhappy with the work I was doing. And at that time I swore to myself that never again will I ever do a film if I am not happy. You are chosen as an example and even a creative voice in My new generation of artists and creators. I have not designed you to fit in, but to stand up and be set apart. Push into the wind. Take a step forward and not back.

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Take My hand. I am your ever-present help. A rtists. You have to climb up there on purpose! One step at a time, everyday. Her paintings are small in dimension and yet beautiful. Now, the painting is a creative endeavor and most certainly engages the right side of the brain. Not to mention the website now filled with images of her paintings. That took some doing, as does the maintenance, the filling of orders, and continual photography and uploading of new product. The idea of a short article or blog post is not nearly as intimidating as something like a novel, and I like non-fiction anyway.

Writing everyday, and posting once a week or so is not too scary. It is for sure a great exercise in discipline and organization. And truthfully, if we have any kind of gift or talent, we really must use it and exercise it, to grow, improve and perfect it. Why not daily?

Now here is where you come in. How can you translate this into acting or your passion and gifting , for example. What does that look like for an actor? A daily painting or a daily journal entry or chapter?

2. Get the basics in order

Here are some ideas I have start with the first one, then consider others :. When you purposefully engage both sides of your brain in the thing you are passionate about, you will find yourself propelled forward. Try it for sixty days and see what happens.

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I would love to hear about it. Do you have any ideas to add to this daily list? From where does it generate? Here are twelve ideas about what makes a theatre culture into an atmosphere that fosters creativity, backed by 30 years of experience doing it. Seek and give honor to God, who made us creative… in His image. He is worthy. Creatives do their best work from a place of vulnerability where they feel free to take risks. An atmosphere of emotional trust and safety is important.

This starts at the top, be trustworthy, and encourage that in others. Every one of those statements or ideas reminds me of faces and of the people who exemplify those qualities.

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  • 2. They Seek Inspiration and Fresh Experiences.
  • 1. They Work Out.
  • Just as I arrived at the theatre tonight, two of our actors were trimming trees and edging the sidewalks. They wanted to surprise us. Yes, these are my people! What are your thoughts?

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    Fancy words for change. Some people take change better than others. We all know we need change at times. For many of us the resistance is real. A relaunch, redesign or reset of any kind can seem overwhelming and flat out…. Too traumatic maybe. How do I get past this wall? Oh, and then there is the FEAR factor. We hate to admit it but all kinds of fears can surface. We hate to leave our comfort zone. While resets, relaunches and redesigns can propel us forward in our dreams and goals, fear can be a major roadblock.

    One got an agent right away and landed a couple of roles in her first few auditions. The other one is taking a class and still trying to get an agent, but she is persevering. She will also do well, it may just take longer. Whether you make a choice for a change or it is foisted upon you, good can come of it. Press through the resistance, embrace the hard things. You were created to overcome obstacles, no matter how difficult. Go ahead. Do the relaunch, reset or redesign; it may just shoot you forward way beyond what you expected. Theatre Directors by Suzanne Rhoten Oct 24, Life Lessons From The Stage I have recently had a desire to connect with other theatre directors, owners, producers, and artistic directors.

    We love what you do. Take a bow. Facing Any Giants? It arrested my heart. We can, too. In rehearsal, and in production, everyone would have bionic memories so that every line came out just on cue, fully memorized, every time. That way, the good stuff, the fun part, the brilliance, the creative sparks, and the genius spontaneous surprises could start flying right away. As part of the above, I see people, actors, writers, composers, designers and all types of creative people seeing themselves rightly… no timidity, no self-depreciation, no feelings of insecurity and, at the same time, no puffed up, arrogant, prideful types are even in the neighborhood.

    Just people who are willing and eager to create and cheer on others to do the same. Fear banished from the premises! Such generosity as never experienced before.

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    And patrons lining up to watch and clap and laugh and cheer and even partner with the creative great work. An environment of safety, honor, validation and acceptance. Jesus may have encountered flawed and broken people, but He loved them all and never left them that way. While you may have others, these four are essential: The script tells you who you are, where you are, and gives all the clues for the story you are telling… what really can be a giant treasure hunt.

    IDIA Insights — International Development Innovation Alliance (IDIA)

    The more information you have, the more opportunity for a thunderbolt of inspiration. Character is your person, your part.

    Who is this person and how can you best bring them to life? Costume can be very important to the work of many actors, less so for others. In some productions an actor may have a lot of control over their costume s and this becomes an extension of the character development. May Your name be glorified in all creation.

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