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You can ask your guides to reveal themselves to you in meditation, through dreams, numbers and messages, or when you are walking in the park. I thank you for your guidance and care. Write down all of the feelings, sensations, messages, or "gut feelings" that you may encounter. Sometimes it's hard for us to process all the messages that come through! This is why it is important to keep a journal, so you can look back and take note of the details you may have missed. Perhaps you saw a red cardinal and you didn't know the significance of it, but then a week later, you read somewhere about how cardinals are associated with relationships, marriage, and courtship, and maybe this applied to your life in some way.

The more we write down and then come back to later, the more we can decipher the messages being sent to us from our spirit guides. I began the process known as automatic writing, by meditating and asking my spirit guides to come through me. I closed my eyes and meditated, allowing myself to go deep into my subconscious.

And when I awoke, I grabbed the pen next to me and just started writing whatever came out. As I read the words, I was sure it was one of my spirit guides โ€” it didn't even look like my own handwriting! The words said: "Yes, we are here. We have always been here and we always will be. As with all practices, it may take some time to allow yourself to release the ego that's you! There are other ways to tap into your third eye aside from meditation. There's the ancient Ayurvedic treatment known as the Shirodhara massage.

You lie on a massage table and an experienced, certified practitioner will pour warm oil and essential oils on your third eye slowly and rhythmically, stimulating the chakra. You might have visions or sensations, or you might just feel completely relaxed and full of bliss. You can also study Reiki, the Japanese form of energy healing. When I received my first attunement as a practitioner, I was able to see completely into my third eye โ€” I saw the royal purple color associated with the 6th chakra, flush through my body and open my mind.

I know for certain this Reiki attunement awakened a higher state of consciousness. Lastly, you can simply try a third eye massage on yourself or a friend. Lay down in a quiet and peaceful place, with some relaxing music. With the tips of your fingertips, begin to slowly massage the area between your eyebrows, using small, gentle circles. Close your eyes and imagine that this area is being awakened and renewed. Breathe in and out deeply and slowly.

Each of these techniques can bring you one step closer to meeting your spirit guides. I hope you can find the time to listen to your spirit guides โ€” they are speaking to you every day and have so much to say. You are now subscribed Be on the lookout for a welcome email in your inbox!

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Group 10 Created with Sketch. Group 11 Created with Sketch. Group 7 Created with Sketch. Email Created with Sketch. Group 4 Created with Sketch. I always knew I had a guardian angel. Here are seven ways you can learn to communicate with your spirit guides: 1.

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Tune in and start to believe. Meditate with crystals. Get out in nature. Ask your spirit guides to reveal themselves. The next time you are alone, you can try saying this out loud: "Dear Spirit Guides, please reveal yourselves to me, I want to know you better and connect with you in this world. Keep a spirit guide journal. Try "automatic writing. Tap into your third eye. If it feels like a coincidence, consider that it might be more of a set up. Arranging and nudging. Guides can also nudge you in the direction they want you to go, or arrange for something to happen to you.

Who do you think actually misplaced your keys? This is hard for them because you have free will. They can only arrange so much or nudge so hard. The more you can pick up on their clues, the better. Sometimes you just need to surrender to a situation that seems frustrating.

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How do you connect with your guides directly? It just takes time and practice to be able to hear, see, or feel your guides. Here are some ways you can work on increasing your connection directly. Listen to your intuition. Try listening to your intuition and see what results you get. Many people dismiss their intuition. Do not mistake your ego for your intuition, however. Flick him off your shoulder. Go with your gut. Following your gut instinct is also a manner in which guides try to direct you. Listen to that gut feeling. At the very least, use your gut feelings to protect and keep yourself safe.

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For example, at my mastermind meeting recently I put out the intention to become fit, trim, and slim. Those are all positive signs.


Be quiet and meditative and type up the answers you hear. A benefit of this approach is being able to refer back to it later. Do a meditation where you imagine yourself going to a room or a garden and ask your guides to appear before you, sit with you, and chat. Like the journaling method, just see what they say.

In time your connection will become stronger, and the information you get will be more accurate and applicable to your life. One of the best ways to meet and connect with your guides is to meet them halfway. Open your dream up to them. You can put out the intention every night to see and connect with your guides in your dreams.

It may take a while, but it will probably eventually work. Ask a psychic. This introduction can help you tune in on your guides yourself. Does it resonate with you? Does the advice make sense to you?

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Do you get great results when you listen to their counsel?