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You are curled deep within your bed and even deeper within the realm of sleep. As you lie very still willing your heart to slow to normal, you become aware of voices around you.

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Who are they? Who are they speaking to? Each voice determined to be heard, each one wanting to give an account. All of their stories are very different except for one common thing: the endings all seem to be the same.

Asylum Demon

You realize that you are in the middle of a conversation, somewhere between reality and sleep, somewhere between the physical and the non-physical. You have heard detailed information about the lives of individuals that lived over a hundred years ago, and all are speaking of their experiences in an Ohio lunatic asylum. Then the conversation moves from past to present, and suddenly they are speaking to you! They begin to involve you in this conversation and ask for your help. Could you do what is asked of you?

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Could you make sense of this? Discover the people and their stories that have been independently verified as they unfold, and this story now becomes a quest.

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Find out how an Ohio blacksmith and his family accept this challenge and begin an unforgettable journey between the present and the past. Get "Souls of the Asylum" and experience what it was like for the patients of a lunatic asylum of that era Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:.

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I am a robot. If you're having trouble, try to hide behind the pillars and use your Estus to heal in the window that it takes to get to you.

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Stick behind its tail, and we'd also actually recommend not locking on to the target for this fight, since it's fairly large size will actually hamper your ability to move and dodge away from its wider area of effect attacks with the hammer and the ground pound. You are also able to use the long windup of the ground pound to get away and recover stamina and recover if you manage to get a fair distance away from it. Be sure not to fall into the trap that many Dark Souls newbies fall into and relentlessly attack until your stamina is depleted, this will mean that you won't be able to effectively dodge the Asylum Demon's attacks, and literally get stomped.

There is no shame in running away defensively to recover stamina, or taking a moment to heal when you find a window. Additionally, if you get caught in the Asylum Demon's ground pound attack, you will want to wait a little for the boss to do a followup sweeping attack.

The Haunted - S01E01 - Lost Souls of the Asylum

It can be tempting to immediately heal after seeing the amount of damage that it deals, but patience is key. If you want to keep your distance away from the boss as well as attack from a safe distance, you will be able to use a ranged attack if you have selected a class that has that option available to them. If you have followed our advice and picked a Pyromancer when starting out, then you will be able to use your Fireball attack to hurtle your ungodly flames at it.

The Asylum Demon is one of the most straightforward bosses there are in Dark Souls, so this is more of a test to see if you've learnt everything that the tutorial has said rather than anything else- put this first test of skills and use everything to your advantage in order to win and eventually make your way into Lordran and the Firelink Shrine. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores.

If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.

The Haunted S01E01 - Lost Souls of the Asylum & The Curse of the Candle Shoppe

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