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Her twenty-fifth birthday—she had lived one-fourth a century.

Goddess of the Sea

It really was a landmark year, and she was going to celebrate it with no birthday box from home. CC sighed and felt an unexpected twinge of homesickness. No, she reminded herself sternly, she liked her life in the air force and had never been sorry for her impetuous decision to join the service right out of high school. After all, it had certainly gotten her away from her nice, ordinary, quiet, small town life. No, she hadn't exactly "seen the world," as the ads had promised.

But she had lived in Texas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Colorado and now Oklahoma, which were five states more than the majority of the complacent people in her hometown of Homer, Illinois, would ever live in, or even visit. It seemed that during the past year her parents had gone on more Silver Adventure Tours than was humanly possible.

Her eyes snapped back open, and her gaze fastened again on the phone. Pointing from the chicken to the champagne, she continued her one-sided discourse. Then I have the fruit group, champagne, my personal favorite. Lifting the lid off the KFC, she snagged a drumstick and bit into it.

Then, using it to punctuate her hand gestures, she continued. No mat-ter where I am. Like the year before last when you sent me the frog rain gauge. And I don't have a yard! And how about the God Bless this House stepping stone, which I have to hang on the wall of my apartment, because I have no house! Then she brightened. I forgot about my other message," she told the phone as she scooped it back up, dialed her messages, and skipped past her parents' voices. Sent at p.

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It was probably Sandy, her oldest friend—actually she was the only high school friend CC still kept in touch with. Sandy had known her since first grade, and she rarely forgot anything, let alone a birthday. The two of them loved to laugh long distance about how they had managed to "escape" small town Homer. Sandy had landed an excellent job working for a large hospital in the fun and fabulous city of Chicago.

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Her official title was Physician Affairs Liaison, which actually meant she was in charge of recruiting new doctors for the hospital, but she and Sandy loved the totally unrealistic, risque-sounding title. It was especially amusing because Sandy had been happily and faithfully married for three years. Long time no call, girl! Your favorite Georgia peach! Oh, my—I had such a hard time getting your new phone number. Naughty you forgot to give it to me when you shipped out. Halley was one of the few things she hadn't missed about her last duty station.

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I'm calling to remind you that my thirtieth birthday is just a month and a half away—December fifteenth, to be exact—and I want you to mark your little ol' calendar. It just keeps getting worse and worse. So put in for leave ASAP. I'll send the formal invite in a week or so. And, yes, presents are acceptable. Bye-bye for now!

Then not only does it look like my oldest friend has forgotten it too, but I get a call from an annoying non-friend inviting me to her party! Then she grabbed the open bottle of champagne, her half-empty glass, the bucket of KFC and marched purposefully to the living room where she spread out her feast on the coffee table before returning to the kitchen for a handful of napkins.

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